Network Management Service

We can undertake the responsibilities of a dedicated Network Manager, which gives you the following benefits:

Immediate Action

Digital Sheep can begin to perform the role of the network administrator immediately with a minimal period of adjustment.

Budget Savings

Our experience is that, with the adoption of our Network Management Service, total expenditure on IT falls considerably and service levels improve.

As an established IT company we can use our experience and extensive network of relationships with suppliers to source the most appropriate and cost-effective hardware and software for the your company. Our significant bulk purchase, reseller and trade discounts will ensure that the your business is receiving the best price possible.

Professional Service & Experience

Digital Sheep have years of experience supporting a range of organisations. We will use this knowledge to identify technology trends and facilities that can ensure that your IT is working to support your business.

Proactive Support

By viewing support records, Digital Sheep can work with the your staff to identify problem equipment or areas and address recurring issues as needed. This information can be used to anticipate problems and appropriate actions can be taken to resolve issues before they affect users.

It's like having our own IT manager, at a fraction of the cost!

- Jamie D, Nursing Trainer (more)

The Details

Items covered include:

Desktop Hardware & Software Support

Where onsite personnel cannot resolve problems satisfactorily we will resolve the problem, either remotely or with a visit.

Day-to-Day Server & Network Support

We will provide the daily functions of a Network Administrator, such as checking backups, performing server maintenance and troubleshooting network problems.

Provision and installation of new equipment

Where new computers have been purchased, or in the event of a hardware failure, we will provide an easy path to rebuilding the system software.

Software testing, deployment & support

Where a new software application has been purchased, we will deploy it in the most appropriate way and set it up for the required users.

Security Management

We will configure web filtering software or firewall software as required and perform any updates to policies required by staff, such as unblocking restricted websites for a particular user or group.

Warranty Service

We will liaise with third-party suppliers for warranty cover and arrange replacements and repairs where necessary.


Where necessary we will assist in the training of an onsite IT Technician in the configuration and functionality of your network to enable them to better perform their duties.

Asset Management

This provides up to date information on the location, status and warranty information for ICT related equipment – both hardware and software. This can be extended to other equipment if required.

Software & Licence Management

Purchased software can be tracked and appropriate licenses recorded in a centralised system accessible by management and IT staff.